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KSB Water Pump Building Industry Hospital Hotel

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Specification of KSB Water Pump Building Industry Hospital Hotel

Your number one choice for palm oil and biofuel application

In recent years demand of Palm Oil and its related byproducts has increased significantly in the world.

Malaysia and Indonesia are the two countries which are fulfilling the demand and meeting the worldwide's requirements. Among the two countries, Indonesia has emerged as no. 1 supplier of palm oil and other related products during couple of years.

Looking at potential in fast gorwing plam oil market, KSB has decided to give special focus on manufacturing and supplies of quality pumps to cater the segment more effectively.

With specially designed high quality pumps, KSB Indonesia recently penetrated in the palm oil market and has gained considerable share in this segment in very short period. KSB Indonesia is committed in taking parts of the development from Indonesia's Palm Oil Mill Industry by making available high quality pumps designed specifically to support the production process in palm oil mills and biofuel industries.

Read more on product details which are able to cater your palm oil mills needs:




Application in slurry handling, corrosive, abbrasive fluid such as crude oil, claybath, precleaner, and hydrocyclone.


aquaflowto Aquaflowmegachem-tea_original



It is suitable for pumping organic and inorganic fluids in chemical, food, pulp and paper and other industries.



megachemto Megachemcpk-tea_original



Application in pumping hot water, organic and inorganic fluids in chemical, food and other industries.


cpkto CPKaquavane-tea_original

Aquavane centrifugal pump


It is suitable for handling water and similar liquids mainly used in water supply, irrigation, pressure boosting, fire protection, heating and ventilating, as well as industrial.


aquavaneto Aquavane centrifugal pumpaquaprime-tea_original



Application in mild corrosive dirty water and light slurry


aquaprimeto Aquaprimemultitec by ksb teaser_original

Multitec by KSB – versatile high-pressure pump with low NPSH values


Multitec is one of the most versatile pumps in KSB's extensive range. Thanks to the large choice of available materials and designs the pumps can be ideally matched to the fluid to be handled.Moreto Multitec by KSB – versatile high-pressure pump with low NPSH valuesde silter_original

Suction Cutter De-Silter


Its function on removing the most stubborn silt acumulated over the years at the bottom of a pond or lagoon

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