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Fabrikasi Steam Jacket Tank

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Fabrikasi Steam Jacket Tank

Boiling Machine

Advantages of Dimple Jacket

uSuitable for heating systems containing pressure, for example steam

uThe heating system is evenly distributed because it has a heating surface design almost enveloping the outside of the tank.

uCan be combined with a steam heating system with Cooling in one jacket

How it works Dimple Jacket

Steam enters the top jacket nozle

The flow of steam in the jacket surrounds the jacket first and then exits the nozzle outet jacket in the form of a condensate.

Because it enters through the top nozzle, and the nature of steam is lighter than air, the inside of the top jacket will be filled with steam first before moving downward. This allows all volumes of the jacket to be full of steam

u Full SUS304 stainless foodgrade material complete with screw cap top system cap

uDimple mechanical jacket design with a thickness of 15mm provides maximum heat transfer

uDimple plate design 2 mm thick, Working pressure max 5bar

uAvailable pressure gauge (Jacket Pressure Monitor)

u Equipped with safety valve, set point in the range 0.4-2bar

uEasy to operate because it is equipped with inlet and outlet nozzle valve

u Each leg can be adjusted to its height via an adjustable plate

uInlet Steam is equipped with PRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) and Ball Valve

u Outlet Steam (Condensate) is equipped with Steam Trap

u Antipanas rockwool insulation 50 density

u Nozle Outlet Product 2 available, complete Butterfly Valve

PRV and Safety installed at the steam inlet functions as:

uPRV (Pressure Reducing Valve) functions as a pressure reducer from the steam source, the standard steam boiler has a 5.5-10bar workspressure system even up to 13bar, while the Steam Boiling Pan capability only has a maximum capacity of 4bar. With the PRV, the steam boiling pan S-300 can be directly connected to the steam boiler line without adding more pressure reducing material.

u Safety valve functions as a safety overload in the dimple jacket.

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