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PT INDIRA DWI MITRA A specialist steam boiler fabrication company is primarily a flagship product that is natural gas steam boilers, CNG and LPG

Based on Fuel Type and its comparison

1. Solid Fuel (Solid Fuel)

This type of boiler uses solid fuels such as wood, coal, with materials such as relatively cheaper and more efficient prices compared to electric boilers.

Working Principle: Heating is sourced from solid fuel or it could be from some solid fuels (coal and wood) assisted with oxygen.

Pros: Fuel is easy to get and cheaper.

Disadvantages: Burning residue is difficult to clean,.

2. Fuel Oil (Fuel Oil)

This type has fuel from the fraction of petroleum, with characteristics that have more expensive raw materials, but has a value of better efficiency when compared to others.

Working Principle: Heating is sourced from combustion results between liquid fuel mixture (kerosen, diesel, residue) with oxygen and heat source.

Pros: Has a little combustion residue Very easy to clean and easy to obtain raw materials.

Disadvantages: Has a price of expensive raw materials and has an expensive construction.

3. Fuel Gas (Gas Fuels)

Have a fuel type with better materials and better when compared to other types of fuels.

Working Principle: Combustion caused by fuel gas (LNG) with oxygen and heat.

Pros: has the cheapest fuel and better efficiency value.

Disadvantages: Costly construction and fuel that is difficult to obtain, must be through distribution channels.

4. Electricity

From you may already know that these tools come from electricity, with the right materials that are cheaper but have a low efficiency level.

Working Principle: The heater comes from electricity that supplies heat.

Pros: Having a modest and simple water source is very easy to obtain.

Disadvantages: The value of poor efficiency and has a low combustion temperature.

A lot of discussion about the types of boilers based on defender, needed so that, can be used for you in need, Thank you.

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