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Boiler Pemanas Aspal Hotmix -Asphalt Mixing Palnt

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Specification of Boiler Pemanas Aspal Hotmix -Asphalt Mixing Palnt

Boiler Aspal
AMP Hot Oil Heater is a thermal oil boiler which is a series of heating machines whose main component is oil which is heated in a coil pipe which is burned using a burner with a temperature that has been set using a panel with temperatures that can reach up to 300 degrees. then the hot oil is transferred using a hot oil transfer pump to the asphalt tank on the asphalt mixing plant (AMP) machine.
Asphalt temperature in the asphalt tank is maintained constant by circulation of hot oil which is heated indirectly/using a coil heater which is heated in a series of Hot Oil Heater machines. Hot oil is heated by the stove/Burner and is pumped through the pipe section in the asphalt tank/Asphalt Blending Tank.
Asphalt Mixing Plant
Asphalt Mixing Plant / AMP is a set of mechanical and electronic equipment where the aggregate is heated, dried and mixed with asphalt to produce hot mix asphalt that meets certain requirements called hot mix or laston.

The temperature and degree of combustion of the oil burner are automatically adjusted by the built-in hot oil control panel. The Hot Oil Heater produces 400,000 – 600,000 Kcal, according to the recommendation from the Department of Public Works to use indirect burning of asphalt.
PT Indira Dwi Mitra provides a Hot Oil Heater with the desired capacity for the needs of an Asphalt Mixing Plant machine, we provide a Hot Oil Heater complete with an Asphalt Blending Tank as follows:
Hot Oil Heater Capacity of 300,000 Kcal and Blending Tank of 20 Tons
Hot Oil Heater Capacity of 300,000 Kcal and Blending Tank of 30 Tons
Hot Oil Heater Capacity of 600,000 Kcal and Blending Tank of 20 Tons
Hot Oil Heater Capacity of 600,000 Kcal and Blending Tank of 30 Tons
Hot Oil Heater Capacity of 300,000 Kcal and 40 Ton Blending Tanks
We have collaborated with many customer companies involved in asphalt and asphalt mixing plants in Indonesia.
Main Components of Hot Oil Heaters
thermal fluid heaters,
Thermal fluid Circulating Pump,
Safety Relief Valve,
Pressure Gauges,
Thermal fluid Heated Equipment,
Bypass Valve to maintain full flow to heater,
Expansion Joints,
Anchor and Pipe Guides,
Expansion tanks, Vent Piping,
Tank De-aerator,
Inlet Tank De-aerator,
Thermal Buffer Tanks,
Catch Tank for drain of pressure relief valve,
cold seal,
expansion tanks & vents,
Gate Valves,
System Fill Connection,
Flexible Connection,
isolating Valves,
Manual Low Level Test Line,
Manual High Level Test Line.
The thermal oil system provides an efficient heat source for processes requiring high temperatures, even up to 400 ºC. Operationally using a thermal oil system will be cheaper and will usually require less maintenance than a steam system. In addition, thermal oil will be more thermally efficient and will not release heat into the atmosphere through traps and leaks like a steam system.

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