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Boiler Fuel Coal Furnace, Wood, Palm Shell (Solid Feul)

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Sell ​​Fuel Boiler Fuel Coal, Wood, Palm Shell (Solid Feul)

Sell ​​Boiler furnace solid feul fuel coal, coconut, palm, wood
Sell ​​Boiler furnace solid feul fuel coal, coconut, palm, wood

Various types of boilers and various boilers that use fuel among diesel fuel boilers, GAS LNG & CNG, And not lose out boiler furnaces that use fuel Coal, Palm Shells, Wood, and there is also a boiler furnace that uses coconut shell fuel . Furnace boiler or people call it rear solid boiler feul is increasingly widespread used by entrepreneurs to source hot nergi on industrinya. The use of solid feul fuels for boilers and thermal oils of heatera should consider several factors before choosing this option for the main reference of boiler fuel solution. As for some of these considerations, including the following:

Fuel availability

Easy to get the fuel into the user no trouble production process will be hampered and resulted in many losses.

Utilization of waste into fuel

Most agricultural processing factories use waste production to fuel, making the rotation of the waste management process effective and efficient,

The calorie value of fuel

The calorific value of each fuel is different. However, to achieve the required calories can be attempted by designing the volume of furnace space, the intensity of fuel supply is added.

The value of fuel economy

If you see the potential availability of fuel in abundant surroundings, it means that the bias is purchased with low cost and low transportation costs as well. Especially if the fuel uses its own production waste, it means that fuel costs can be free

Thus our explanation regarding solid feul boiler (boiler furnace) using palm kernel fuel, Wood, sawdust, coconut husk, coal, bagasse, etc. Hope can add you in insight into the world of fuel for Boiler. If you are interested in choosing this option for your boiler, please do not hesitate to contact our sales in the contacts we have provid

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