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How Do You Change the Glass Estimator Sight Unit in the Right Boiler?

How to install BONT Bicolor Water level gauge

1. Make sure the replacement is done by competent personnel.

2. Make sure the boiler is not pressurized when opening the installed unit

3. Open all screws from the top and bottom cock

4. Carefully remove the unit from the cock up & down by opening the Nut and pulling it from the end tubes of the house / body.

5. Drill the bolt hole according to the size of the PCD and the diameter of the bolt hole of the attached unit

6. Measure the length of the S / S end tubes (16 mm) up and down from the house / body installed, and the saw (may be a chainsaw or manual)

7. Clean the flange from the boiler drum, prepare 2 pcs of packing according to the flange hole (for cock up & down)

8. Insert the Gauge body with 2 S / S end tubes into the upper and lower cock

9. Reinstall the boiler unit

10. Lock the Flange & Nut in the upper & lower cock

11. Commissioning

12. Once installed, the feed water is opened to enter the boiler drum up to half of the drum. open the cock down, cock over, close the drain cock.

13. Then close the cock below, close the cock above, open the drain cock, Can be seen the water in the glass estimator will go down through the drain cock

14. Close the drain cock, open the cock down, open the cock over. The surface of the water will rise according to the height of the water in the drum boiler

15. Pressure slowly rises, so there appears to be a leak on the cock, on the lock that is tighter.

16. Likewise from the house / gauge body, tighten the bolts according to the allowable torque, with a step of 40.70 & 100% torque alternating from the middle to the outside / up & down. When pressure is raised, lock the bolt in front of the body, evenly, from the middle nut to the outside (alternately, like up & down), the strength is 80 Nm (for BTR 28 G 11) and 35 Nm (for BR 14 G 11). No need to tighten more than allowable torque.

17. The pressure is increased until the boiler working pressure, after making sure there is no leaky water, repeat step no. 11 to 14 to make sure the level is the actual level.

18. Don't forget to connect the red light illuminator cable with single phase electricity flow 220 V.

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