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Pompa Centrifugal

Services for your success

The centrifugal pump is at the heart of KSB’s product portfolio. We offer the right pump for every application and special requirement — and that at top results. No matter what the individual tasks in process engineering, building services, water supply, waste water, energy and mining applications, KSB’s comprehensive product programme has the answer. The product range is perfectly complemented by KSB's reliable services. Our more than 2,600 employees support your systems throughout their entire life cycle. Original KSB spare parts and our global 24-hour service prevent costly downtimes.

On request, service specialists certified by the KSB Group conduct comprehensive system analyses at your site in order to increase the profitability and performance of your pump systems.

To find out more, and to contact us, please visit our Service Pages.

Energy efficiency by innovation

KSB introduced its first centrifugal pump to the market in 1903. Since then, the industry itself and, with that, the demands placed on fluid handling equipment have changed tremendously. We have always been aware of the pump playing an important part in the economic success of a system. This is why the KSB Group has always designed its technology with your success in mind. For example by launching the first stainless steel centrifugal pump, Etachrom, in 1987, we enabled the hygienic handling of both liquid foods and corrosive fluids. The company makes sure that each and every one of its pumps and other products generates maximum results in energy efficiency and operating reliability. Many products already satisfy the EU regulations for 2015; some of them even those for 2017. In these times of rising energy prices, saving energy clearly does reduce operating costs. To continuously improve in operating reliability, KSB engineers have never ceased to optimise their current pump portfolio. In early 2013, the company launched its latest centrifugal pump on the market: MegaCPK. This pump epitomises the company’s technical know-how. MegaCPK is the further development of the successful CPK, CPKN and Megachem type series. It is characterised by low NPSH values, high operating reliability, smooth running and stable operating behaviour. With its casing and interiors being made of stainless steel, this pump is particularly well-suited to pumping aggressive chemical fluids. In the Pumps and Automation brochure you will find pumps for almost any flow rate and power rating.

Centrifugal pump principle in brief

Invented in the 17th century, the basic principle is still used today. Inside a centrifugal pump, an impeller rotates on a drive shaft. The impeller accelerates the flow of the fluid handled. The centrifugal force moves the fluid towards the outer edge of the pump impeller. As a result, the fluid is transported to the outlet opening of the pump. At the same time, a negative pressure zone is created at the inlet opening, which draws the fluid further and further into the centrifugal pump. Even extremely large flow rates can be handled efficiently and continuously in powerful, continuous operation based on this principle. As such, centrifugal pumps are a very popular choice for industrial and continuous processes.

Centrifugal pump types

The following pump types are also referred to as centrifugal pumps:

Radial flow pumps

Diagonal flow pumps (also called semi-axial flow pumps)

Side channel pumps

Peripheral impeller pumps

Axial flow pumps (also called propeller pumps)

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