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Thermal Boilers
The Thermal Oil Boiler fires through the heater coil and generates energy from combustion heat products. This, by heating the coil through radiation and convection. The coil heats the oil or thermal fluid which is pumped through the thermal oil boiler. Thermal oil heats the coils in various types of heat users. Unlike a water or steam boiler, this heating process places less stress on the system.
Our Thermal Oil Heater 600,000 Kcal is cylindrical in shape, regulated to increase the temperature of the thermal fluid circulating in two concentric coils by burning liquid fuel in a burner located on the front cover. There is a high density rockwool insulation between the two sheaths for low temperatures (30-40°C) in the outer sheath, thereby achieving minimal structural loss and preventing burns from accidental contact with the boiler.
Important components of the Thermal Oil Boiler machine
Burner – The burner flame is projected from there into the combustion chamber which has been sized according to the geometry of the flame. Room closure is done with refractories. Then they change direction and the combustion gases circulate at high speed and turbulence between the two coils to the front cover, where they change direction again until they are evacuated by a chimney at the end of the casing.
The coil consists of two, three, four or more steps depending on the model; because high-speed flow of thermal fluid is essential for good heat transfer and for preventing it from cracking.
Initially, the thermal fluid circulates in the outer coil (where heat is transmitted almost exclusively by convection) before being transferred to the internal coil (where heat is transmitted almost exclusively by radiation), thereby achieving excellent energy performance.
The inside of the front cover seals the exhaust between the coils and has an opening for the coil tube passage to be connected to the common collector, connected to the circuit by a flange.
It also closes the combustion chamber where the burner is installed. It is equipped with a manhole for access to the combustion chamber if necessary.
Thermal Oil Heater IDM (Winsketel) is one of the best Thermal Oil Heater/Heating Machine Fabrications in Indonesia in the manufacture of thermal oil/oil boilers. Our extensive knowledge of this technology and our belief in innovation have allowed us to develop our own design, which takes into account all important technical parameters, as well as offering a vertical arrangement which is a very valid alternative to the conventional horizontal configuration in Indonesia.
Thermal oil or thermal fluid is used to carry energy in heating applications, industrial processing and also cooling industrial machines. Thermal oil is most suitable for use in high temperature applications where the most optimal operating conditions are between 150ºC to 350ºC
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