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Sales Fire Tube Steam Boiler 3Ton-Marine steam boiler-Ship Steam Boiler

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26 Jan 2023
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Steam Boiler

Specification of Sales Fire Tube Steam Boiler 3Ton-Marine steam boiler-Ship Steam Boiler

Fire Tube Steam Boilers

​Fire Tube Boiler In a fire tube boiler, fire / hot gas will flow through the pipes. Fluid or water is placed in a shell. The heat from this fire pipe will be transferred in the water in the shell. This water will then evaporate and be collected in a vessel above the boiler. The collected steam will be utilized by being taken out according to the purpose of the boiler. Water in the shell will decrease, so feed water is needed, through the inlet hole.

Fire tube boilers generally produce a relatively low steam capacity when compared to water tube boilers. The resulting steam pressure varies from low pressure steam to medium pressure steam. Fire tube boilers can produce 12,000 Kg/hour with pressures up to 10 Kg/cm2. Fire tube boiler fuel can come from solid, liquid or gaseous fuels.

Advantages of fire tube boilers

  1.  Fire tube boilers are very easy to use, easy to clean and easy and inexpensive to maintain.
  2.   Can be used in small scale industry.
  3.  Fire tube boilers are relatively cheaper than water tube boilers.
  4.  Available in sizes from 600,000 btu/hr to 50,000,000 btu/hr Disadvantages of fire tube boilers:
  5.  The time required to fill the water is longer than increasing the temperature and pressure.
  6.  Heat transfer efficiency (heat transfer efficiency) is quite poor because the heat exchanger does not use thermal radiation.
  7.  Fire tube boilers cannot produce steam at pressures higher than 250 pounds per square inch.
  8.  Limited steam capacity.
  9.  Not suitable for high pressure applications of 250 psig and above

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