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SIHI ZTN-Series Hot Oil Pump Assembly-Hot Oil Pump SIHI ZTN-PT INDIRA DWI MITRA

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Specification of SIHI ZTN-Series Hot Oil Pump Assembly-Hot Oil Pump SIHI ZTN-PT INDIRA DWI MITRA

Gear Pump
Gear Pump
SIHI ZTN-Series Hot Oil Pump Assembly-Hot Oil Pump SIHI ZTN-PT INDIRA DWI MITRA
General remarks: For horizontal volute pumps CLOSE COUPLED construction with STANDARD motor for nominal performances and flange connections as per EN 733 refer to our series ZTK. For INLINE pumps with the same drive unit, consisting of bearing bracket with bearing, stub shaft and mechanical seal, casing cover, impeller and impeller nut, refer to our series ZTI.
For equipping hot media systems a complete programme is available for a flow range between 1-600 m3 /h consisting of the range: ZEN volute pumps to EN 22858, tmax 230 °C PN 40. Hot water design. ZDN volute pumps to EN 22858, tmax 207 °C PN 25. Hot water design. ZHN volute pumps to EN 733, tmax 180 °C PN 16. Hot water design. ZLI volute pumps to EN 733 as INLINE construction, tmax 150 °C PN 25. Hot water design. Technical documentation on these programmes will readily be supplied on request.
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Heat transfer installations have achieved a high level of technical development. Consequently the requirements on pumps handling heat transfer oils have increased regarding operating safety, environmental protection, maintenance and operating costs. The Sterling SIHI ZTN pump, based on many years of experience and on the latest technical know-how, fully complies with these requirements.
By the heat barrier with integrated throttle gab, located behind the cover, a favourable drop in temperature toward the drive side is achieved (see opposite drawing). Heat losses at the product side are effectively prevented (saving of energy).
The reduced temperature allows the use of simple, uncooled type of shaft sealing. As the lubricating properties of heat transfer oils for antifriction bearings are not specially good, a liquid flushed sleeve bearing has been fitted at the impeller side and an antrifriction bearing, not in contact with the heat carrier, has been fitted behind the shaft sealing. By this arrangement noiseless operation and long working life have been achieved.
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