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Specification of Pusat Jual Thermal Oil Heater - Manufacturing Thermal Oil Heater


thermal oil heater

Thermal Oil Heater, namely: a heater using Thermal Oil Fluid as a heat transfer medium and can work up to 350 degrees Celsius.

Unlike steam which needs to use up to 160 bar for 147 degrees Celsius, Thermal Oil Heater works only at the pressure of the pump so that it is safe and the tools that need heating do not need to be designed with special construction.

The working age of the Thermal Oil Fluid used is usually more than 20 years. and there is no need to add anything as long as there are no leaks in the pipes or heating equipment, and as long as it does not need cleaning because the inside of the heating coil is not crusty like in Steam Boilers.

What are the advantages of Thermal Oil Heater compared to Steam Boiler?

Works at high temperatures with atmospheric pressure

Precise temperature control

There is no need for water treatment and other chemicals that require high costs

There are no heat losses from condensate and blow down as in the steam boiler

There is no corrosion or scaling inside the Boiler

The cost of maintenance is so low and so efficient

Full Automatic operation and easy to use no special operator

Thermoblok Oil, usually supplied in Vertical / horizontal construction which is so effective because it uses an Integrated burner that uses exhaust gas for preheating the combustion until the combustion of oil is so prime. Heating Coil is made from a mannessmann brand or brand of benton, a continuous boiled tube. Each weld joint is checked carefully and the final pressure test uses up to 30 bars of pressure. Thermal Oil flows in the coil at a speed designed with a jelly to avoid overheating which can cause oil damage due to the formation of charcoal (coking).

Scope of Delivery: Each Unit is supplied with complete accessories, including also in it:

Heating Coil complete with cover

Circulation Pump

Tank Expansion & Deaerating Tank

Box Control Panel Scheneider France IP 66

Riello or FBR Brand Burner made in Italy

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