Water Tube Vertical Steam Boiler- Boiler Water Tube Model Berdiri-Once Through Boiler

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Water Tube Steam Boiler Vertical Model

The boiler is essentially a liquid heater (usually water) to be above its boiling point so it evaporates.

To heat it there are several types of boilers

- fire tube where the fire is in the tubing with the liquid outside.

- water tube where otherwise, the water is in the tubing with the fire is outside.

Petroleum or diesel fuel at the pump with high pressure and out in the form of blurring at the tip of the spuyer, above the spuyer there is a high voltage diode to provide fire so that the burning oil, usually behind the boiler there is a photo cell nutuk fire has burned what not yet not burning this cell photo will turn off all the bolier machines to avoid unexploited, and very dangerous bursts.

Okay we try boiler for steam turbine (steam turbine)

1. Demineralized water (water without minerals / pure water) pumped to the boiler from the condenser (we're talking vapor turbine steam boiler waterproofed) with the pump through the economiser pipe, at the economiser, the water receives heat but has not evaporated / msh fas water.
2.The water goes into the drum boiler and is passed to the entire water tube evaporator to be converted into a saturated steam (saturated steam) and back to the boiler drum.
3. Steam in the drum boiler is flowed (steam through the channel above, sdgkan water below) to the superheater tube which is closest to the heat source to convert saturated vapor to superheated steam (superheated steam)
4.superheated steam kmdn flowed to steam turbine to drive turbine blade.
5.hrough the turbine the steam temperature decreases / so does the enthalpy, the phase changes back to saturated steam & amp; flows to the condenser.
6. in the condenser the phase is converted back into the liquid phase and then pumped back to the boiler.
and the cycle goes back to normal.

There are several advantages of WaterTube Boiler
Main feature
-It takes a little water but the steam is produced faster (± 7 minutes)

-Compact design that saves space for installation need to worry about the dangers of explosion

-Lose heat slightly so as to enable to achieve high efficiency

-Easy installation & amp; work on plumbin

-Saving time for inspection and other maintenance checks.

Boiler Tube Fire

Its characteristics

- It takes longer to get steam

- Boiler room is more spacious.


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