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  • Kontraktor piping boiler
  • Kontraktor piping boiler
  • Kontraktor piping boiler

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Indira.co.id Boiler and Thermal Oil Heater Manufacturer.

Many things they ask who we are, before opening this article then allow us to introduce ourselves briefly. PT Indira Dwi Mitra with indira.co.id website is a company that is addressed in jakarta area - Indonesia, with products that are sold and produced directly in the form of Boiler (Steam Boiler), Thermal Oil Heater, Steam Boiler, Heat transfer oil. As for the services we offer, that we also serve rent or rental boiler of all sizes, service, and also care for industry all over Indonesia.

As one of the products of Boilers, Thermal Oil Heater, Steam Boilers, Heat Tranfer oils that are both small and medium size in Indonesia, we also have become one of the companies that prioritize quality and maintain trust to consumers over all products that sell. As for the type of boiler that we offer are Boilers with solid fuel, liquid or gas such as coal, biomass, waste or even a mixture of these fuels.



PT.INDIRA DWI MITRA, is a specialist installation of steam boiler piping or piping work. Our engineers are experts in their field. List of calculation of installation price of steam boiler installation depends on the specification requested from the consumer. For the material already available from the consumer the count per m2. The price we offer compete, cheap, affordable but the number one quality in Indonesia

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