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Boiler is a tool used in letting steam, as we know it can be used to drive steam turbines in power plants and serves as pencaga temperature in petroleum distillation column.

Boiler Maintenance is an activity to maintain or maintain a boiler and make repairs or replacement of equipment needed so that the Boiler can be operated as planned.
The purpose of the maintenance of an equipment in the production or operational process is to reduce losses due to damage to production equipment, with low costs expected to get high results. When elaborated again, the most effective and optimal treatment goals are to achieve the following conditions:
 Improve production capabilities.
 Maintaining the quality of production without disrupting the smooth production.
 Keep the boiler working safely.
 Ensure operational readiness of all equipment needed in an emergency at all times

 So that components can achieve a long life in accordance with the age / life time of the equipment.

 Reducing the cost of maintenance or maintenance by carrying out maintenance activities effectively.

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